Dating russian lacquer boxes

The inside of the article is painted with several coats of red lacquer. A quality lacquer miniature may take several months to complete. The artist proceeds to apply the second layer of the painting in a more defined manner and all details are given careful attention.

Each of the four traditional centers of Russian lacquer miniature painting has a school that trains its artists passing on traditions and techniques that result in a distinct "village" style.

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Wood boxes sound "sharp" or "harsh," and plastic or argalite also dating russian lacquer boxes off a louder "click" when tapped. Educating yourself about the art and buying from reputable dealers will ensure that any purchase you make will be of high quality.

This is a good test and you should learn to identify this smell. Numerous sketches and studies are required. The authenticity of our Russian Lacquer Boxes is guaranteed!

See our Fedoskino and Palekh lacquer boxes. The rolls and the plates are cut to make a semifinished product. Every house and all rooms in it had holy Russian Icons in their best part, called the "beautiful corner.

This ornament is hand painted. Tap the bottom of the box with a fingernail or tap the lid gently closed. Many of these fakes have the name of one of the four villages and even the name of a well known artist added to fool the uneducated buyer.

In Palekh, however, the signature is done in fine gold against the black or other color lacquer, creating high contrast. Heavily detailed or pretty simple? Hand polished to perfection! A metallic base is applied. Take the time to handle a few authentic boxes and you will learn to feel the difference.

Ornamental lines of different colors are applied to the product using a drawing pen and a ruler. Paste is spread on the strips of cardboard. The cardboard strips are coated with some paste. Open the box and smell the inside.

The final step in the lacquer miniature process is the polishing. The cardboard is then wrapped around a particular shaped object and is put under pressure for an extended period of time. The strips of cardboard are wound around special forms. These imitation lacquer miniatures are being sold on the streets of Russia and through venues like eBay.

Remember, however, it is not always possible to be absolutely certain. Hinges are added for the lid. The pressed cardboard, which has taken the shape of the form, is dried under specific conditions for twenty to thirty days. Boxes and other objects are made of cardboard sheets, pressed and formed, then boiled in linseed oil.

In summary, use the above tips to help identify which lacquer boxes are authentic and which may be fake. The lacquer painting is done with oil paints egg tempera in Palekh, Mstera, and Kholuiutilizing a three-dimensional layered process.

Jewelry, reading glasses, nick-knacks, push pins, keys, and lots more!The Russian boxes are considered the prime Russian gifts and souveniers that are famous world-wide.

Russian boxes come in such unqiue shapes such as mushrooms, furniture, or custom shaped papier-mâché. Browse through our large selection of Russian lacquer boxes from Fedoskino, Palekh, Mstera, and Kholui.

Authentic Russian lacquer boxes last more than a lifetime. They are made with paper, hard like wood, and will never deteriorate due to the weather. Russian Lacquer Boxes Collector's Guide SHOP for Russian lacquer boxes With the opening of Russia inthe art of Russian lacquer miniature painting has gained worldwide appreciation and these small treasures are highly sought after by collectors.

How a true lacquer box is made SHOP for Russian lacquer The French word "papier-mâché" literally translates as "chewed paper," however, the papier-mâché used for a Russian lacquer box is produced in a much more complicated process.

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Russian lacquer box from the village of Palekh, hand painted, signed. UA Creations Small Jewelry Box for Rings, Necklace and Earrings, Black Lacquer Miniature Accessories Storage Case.

by UA Creations. $ $ 16 50 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. The historic village of Fedoskino is famous for its production of decorative lacquer boxes, dating back to the late 18th century. Markings include signature, datedto the lower left corner.

Very good condition, wear consistent with age and use.

Dating russian lacquer boxes
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